Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Innocence of Muslims and the Hate of Those produced it

Why so angry over the Movie??, some people say.
People ask Why all Arabs/Muslims and None Muslims are " so angry " about the American/Zioshit movie ??
This is exactly the type of mani
 you would expect from them ,..
It's not a question of why being angry ,
It is why the movie was made in the first place,..
in other words:
"WHY the Producers and those entities behind the movie did it knowing that it WILL stir this much anger ", same thing happened before, so it was made out of an experience, and those reactions were expected and anticipated,.. or to say it loudly,
These actions were sought and wanted .

How is the infamous movie being seen in the region,
and not only by Muslims :
-Uncle Sam is the "Sniper".
-The Movie is the "Rifle"
-Bacile, the Director , is the "trigger".
-The reactions of the people concerned is the "Bullet "
so, go a head, blame it on the "Bullet " , Mr. Obama.

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