Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ben Laden, Again

What is it with the USA and the "Body" of Ben Laden??
Bare with me, for this is opposite to what most people think,
I do NOT believe that Wikileaks is an honest whistle blower, or
for example, the previous leaks had no effect in driving a wedge between the tyrants of the Persian Gulf and the USA, even though Wikileaks claims that these were confidential wires that were published spelling everything out and " exposing " some of the most considered taboos in these states, Royal feuds, plots, secret meeting between them and the USA embassy that could affect the entire USA existence in the region, countries plotting against countries,.. ; UAE/Saudi Arabia, UAE/SAudi/Qatar,.. and so on,..

and now , Wikileaks say that the body of Osama Ben Laden was Not buried into the Ocean , but was flown away to the USA,..

How could something like this be leaked??
If it had happened , you would expect even those who carried the body out of Pakistan or where ever it was, knew nothing about who's body it was,..
but, here comes Wikileaks and say quite the opposite,.
That there actually records backing up this claim ,.. very weird

I do not know of course the source of the intel , But I know that the initial question remains unanswered ,..

Why would the USA go to all tedious troubles , unless they do not want people to know how and when Ben Laden died,..
in other words if people just looked at the body they would know that the way the USA claims how He died is NOT the truth ,.. so why do that???

The pic above was aired by Pakistani news channel " Geo TV", and later was dismissed ,..
AlQaeda Created by the CIA, and Manipulated by the...
Cartoon, Carlos Latuff,..

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