Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saudi Official lies exposed,

The Saudi regime's official statements, as always , as every tyrant's , is : protesters attacked police, and they had to defend themselves,..
and it goes, on,....and,......on,... and on,

here's what happened , and why they never allowed a probe,..

All those killed by the Saudi forces in Qatif,
all 8 , are activists, peaceful leader protesters,..
so the claim the Saudi military/regime say that those were
either attacking police station,.. "
or were wanted criminals , is logically dismissed :
the shots that killed each and everyone of them , is fatal,..
and requires a precession only available in snipers,..
It proves that none of them was running, " Attacking " police stations, or stands,..
in this case targeting these deadly organs is " Impossible "
Many shots were from the back of the protesters in angles leading out
across a bath of multiple deadly organs,.. require utmost steadiness ,..
and here's how everyone of the martyrs killed,..

1- Hassan Oujan, tortured to death after being shot ,.in custody of the Secret police squad ,..
2- Nassir Al Mehaishi, direct shots to the neck ,..
3- Ali Al Filfil, direct shot to the Heart ,..
4- Munib Al Adnan, direct shot to the head ,..
5- Ali Grairis, Direct shot to the head,..
6- Essam Abu Abdallah, Multiple gun shots wounds covering every fatal organ of the body, indicates that he was personally targeted for revenge or as a deterrence to other protesters and activists ,..
7- Munir Al Maydani, Direct shot to the heart..
8- Zuhair al Said, Direct shot to the Liver,...

Update; inspired by
" the revolution of the Eastern Provence, Arabic " page on Facebook ,..

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