Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season's Greetings, BUT...

Women abused,..
Children Killed..
People derived and denied of their basic human rights,.. the least of witch is,..
Practicing their faith, way of life, and choice, self expression, freedom of speech
and punish with death if they even dare demand those,...

Those people of all ages being killed, abused, imprisoned, right at this moment, in Bahrain ,
Say something, whenever, wherever you can,..
Speak loudly against human rights abuse by the Monarchs of the Persian Gulf Sheikdoms
Those tyrants who kill, rape,and stripp off their people rights with the blessing
and unlimited support of the USA , UK, and France,.. who are now celebrating the Birth
of Jesus Christ, ....

These pics are Just few,.. all are dead , Killed,.. different methods,.. children died as a result of systematic use" of unknown gas " fired directly inside, and into homes of people ,..

رابط بطاقة العيد بلغات العالم التي يجهلها الطغاة موجود على هذا الرابط بحجمه الكامل وبصيغ مختلفة
Christmas Card's original link and full size multi format is available for download here,..

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