Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gandhi,Guevara, Mandela, and Hussein??

It is beyond anyone's choice to deny great people of Humanity , just impossible,
and cultures through out human history had tried reincarnating  them , we read, William tel,.. we watched and loved Brave Heart , we read the lives of Gandhi, Guevara, Malcolm X, we still live Mandela.
   We, as Humans enjoy the Mahabharata,  Arabian nights, The Divine Comedy, we celebrate Bravery
gave our " purple hearts " to heroes, Commemorated the Last Supper .. we even built the Unknown soldier shrines to those whom we don't even know their names ,.. It's our history, the human collective history

So, as Shia commemorate the Sacrifice of a Great leader and a Saint ; the Grand son of the Prophet of Islam
and seeing how Saudi Arabia's propaganda Sat Channels, clergy , wage a war against this , makes me sick and wana puke ,.. How could they dare deny people their rights??, But again, This is Saudi Arabia, exactly how we know it ,..

It is hard to understand why is this happening against this sect when you know that the Royal Saudi Family are given a God status where NO one is allowed to criticize them, question them , or even think of doing so??
Yet, a Saint , his family and children , total of about 72 were Mascaraed by more than 30000 troops of a King of that time, someone who was supposed to be Muslim,.. I don't care what excuses they say and that The Saint was a rebel against the Khalif, did they have to kill a few days old infant, women and children of all ages? Walk The rest of women and children who survived all the way from Iraq to Syria ???

and do they have to bomb Shia shrines and mosques all over the region in every time these people commemorate the Tragedy??? Kill thousands of them?? Demonize their rituals??

Along side him , Christians, Blacks, Asians, " Slaves , noble men,.. " all colors , races, and believes, fought and died for his cause because they saw it was theirs too,.. all died as martyrs according to the Shia believe, their stand , Last words, courage Gallant are recited all over time with honor and pride ,.

I know That most of us are fed the news from people who had never been taught to respect other believe, religion, way of life and who live thousands of miles away from where these things had happened, away from the culture, people, history,.. and Never bothered ourselves to ask these people, try to understand, or at least give them the right they are entitled to,.. the right of choice and believe,..

I have researched a lot about this subject , I found some great political leaders mentioning the Saint and taking pride that they learned something from his stand,.. amongst those was Gandhi who said " I have learned from Him " Hussein " how to be overwhelmed " with oppressors powers " and win " .. The Shia say " It was the triumph of the Blood over the sword "

and this summons it all,.. Tyrants will always try to wipe out proud history of humanity , destroy the Image of Great people so no one could relate to them,.. and that their history is no longer memorable,..

It makes total sense ,..
Shia are the only sect of Islam, probably in the world that Can NOT start a war, it's a religious Taboo and forbidden, but if a war was to be waged on them, They cannot run, nor surrender and they will fight it to the end ,.. They are required by their believe to stand up for justice with the oppressed ,carry out others rights as their own and see that all people , believes, religions, even Atheists could go to Heaven provided that they tried their best to not cause harms to others ... so in away , they are Humans that do not take away people's right to choose ..

Another thing that distinguish them from the rest of Islamic sects is the fact that their clerics and head leaders are chosen by them ; they choose who to follow and challenge their leaders , this is a fact that most of the writers who write about them , either do not know, or do NOT want us to know, they are totally independant, .. one of the aspects that is unique to them is honoring logic, and never Taboo questioning , scrotiny, sceptisism,.. in Fact they encourage it ,..maybe that's why other sects and believes find them more open and and accepting than other sects , like the Saudi despicable sect who see that they are the only people who will enter Heaven and that all others most live by their way or branded Pagans ,..
This blog/Article was inspired by Joshua Isaias ,..Love ya man,..

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