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Kingdom of The Lost Gods; The Kashgari Connection

Saudi Arabia is a MONO monarchy, where kings are Gods, and where clergy who say that saying that man landed on the moon is blasphemy an heretical, even though the official religious and political leaders try to hide this all the time.
It is where a monarch ; " King Fahad " clearly stated " in a video I came a cross from the time they were fighting Saddam after he occupied Kuwait , that the Oil was given to his father ; King Abdulaziz as a gift from God for being nice to some old lady he came across in the desert, gave some money to, so in gratitude she prayed that God reveals wealth from within the grounds he walks on ,.. so " the Fountain of black gold erupted " 
It is Where religious celebrations are taboo , only one sect dominates the whole aspect of the country and people, Schools, Mosques, Books; are not allowed into the country unless they adhere to the teaching of the Wahabi sect they follow, the same sect that brought to life, Taliban, AlQaeda, Shabab of Somalia, now officially members of AlQaeda as, Zawahiri, Head of the movement after " the death " of bin Laden , announced a couple of days ago,..
 The Head clergy officer of the Saudi Sect has already sentenced him to death, even with out a trial,.. so what else is new ????

It is where corruption, is the engine of everyday life,..
It is where sectarian hate in nourished and incubated to be later on, released into the world,..
It is where you expect to be stopped by religious people and accused of violating " Islamic Laws " that are , always interpreted at well by whoever hold a grudge against you, your sect, tribe,.. or race ,..
and women are shameful creatures and seen as the tools of Satan to manipulate people and drive them into hell , ..
It is where Kings are Gods,
Their apostles are the religious Police and Clergy ,..
Where the Supreme beings are spared all " Islamic laws " , and Islam only applies to the Poor subjects,..
Where you got no say, and you are expected to obey ,..

and ..

in this MONO environment , Hamza Kashgari ; was born , raised and lived ,..
he started as a hard liner religious fanatic , much as the atmosphere that raised him,..
Accepting no one, but the teachings of the Human Gods of AlSaud and their alienating sect they follow, preach and support ,..
he went to Madrasas ( schools that teach the solely the sectarian aspect of Islam according to the teaching of the royal family and their clergy men ) , where strict Sharia laws are applied,.. where he's taught that Death penalty
is the answer to everything,..
He was taught that his sect and followers are the only people who will go to heaven and that the rest of everyone else will be bound to hell,..
He hated all other sects, because  it was his ticket to heaven and sex with angels, or whatever they call them, once he's dead ,.. the very education that created the suicide bombers everywhere ,..
He learned to memorize the Quran, because only true Muslims will do so,..
Memorizing, not acting on it's noble teaching, is all that counts ,..
He was taught to hate everyone else, and look at them they way God looks at them, Fuel of Hell,..
he saw all of that, Lived it,. and kept on living it, for this is the closest way to climb up the Saudi High ranking leader and to the highest of positions, where Ideology is the only decisive factor ,..

he  lived all of that,..
 Head status reads: " Living details, within the deepest cells of memory , half"of me" grateful to existance,and " half" eager to non existence, for those on the side lines; " people", Minorities , and revolution ,..

Then he saw , how people were killed in the name of what he was taught,.. especially when he was taught not to " QUESTION " the leaders commands for theses commands are of God's ..
obey blindly, for  the Lord " the King " Knows best ,..

and because he gathered not enough logic or information, was never allowed to reason or criticize,
he began questioning the atrocities his " believe " brought on the world,..
Bombings, destruction, killings, hate , sectarian , sexual, tribal, racist , all and ever sort of it ,..

He saw his fellow religious people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, slaughter people like as if they were goats in the name of Islam,..

He saw them attacking other sects who did what his own only preached for position and propaganda ,..
He saw the non Muslim Shia Iran,conquer space, and drive away the Zionist, whom he was taught are the enemy of Humankind but saw with his own eyes how they were treated behind the closed doors of the Royals..

His teachings that prevented him from reasoning and questioning , prevented him from exploring other possibilities that he was never introduced to,.. i'e' Islam is not the way he was taught ,..

He learned that The Only " True Islam " is the Wahabis way of Islam enforced by the Saudis ..
He saw that their prophet was responsible for all these pains committed in his name ,.
He saw that everyone else was advancing , except them ,.
Everyone is free but his believe ,..
Eveyone could live  m but death by the sword hovers over where he lived ,..

and ,..

once too late,..
he wanted to say no ,.. this is not right ,.. but being the ignorant soul he is, thought that the Prophet of Islam was to blame , he talked to him :

“On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you,” he wrote in one tweet.

“On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more,” he wrote in a second.

“On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more,” he concluded in a third.
It was a cry,..
that needed to get out ,..
It was a cry the prophet would have listened to were he was visible ,..
a cry Prophet mohammed had always listened to, and addressed,..
but NOT what would the Saudi Gods approve,..

I always thought that even the Zionist to the Bone " Danish Cartoonist " is not to blame for the hateful Cartoons,.. he and the Zionists never saw Mohammad, never were introduced to his true teachings,..
 Groups on Facebook,.. " donno why Facebook allows this " demand the execution of the guy,..

They knew him through the Saudi Hateful " kitchen Knives , cut throat sect "
They knew him through the intolerance the Saudi Wahabbism spread against anything that is different ,..

and they were all stupid, I mean the Cartoonists and Kashgari,.. they never researched,..
never tried to understand Islam , or maybe they did ,.. and chose their bath ,..

Is this away to challenge logic??
behead it??
kill those who dare and shout , ask, for they could be just lost, afraind, confused , scared
and they want guidance ,..

I believe that NO one above scrutiny ,..
or else , that they are FALSE gods/Prophets,..
Islam came with the word, challenged by the word,..

I really believe that who ever is truly rightful will not incriminate a logical question , or a legitimate challenge
for this will only scare the hell out of tyrants, and fake people,..
They are the ones who don't want the truth to come out ,..
They are the ones who gag people's mouths ,..

They are the ones who kill on a word,..
These are the most dangerous creatures on earth ,..

those people who see studying, doubt , which is a scientific tool anti believe and anti Islam ,..
no wounder they are behind in every way ,..

Many are like him ,..
but he's the only one who came out of the Hateful Regime that created him,..
and this is how they cannot allow Kashgari to live,.
prior to him, it was Shia who dare ask , why,.. for they believe that only those who hide something evil are afraid to be asked to explain why,.. Kashgari was only crying why,.. why do I have to follow he who orders me to kill my fellow human,.. no answer of course,..
because he was asking the wrong people,..
and this is exactly was his mistake,..

reasoning with the only people who he knew are the very enemies of Logic and reason,..
They don't wana teach him, argue with him,.. ask him why ,.
explain, help him study, show him where he was wrong, ask him what did he meant by saying these words
find an excuse,... NOooo

They want his head, they want to show an example out of him,..

anyone who dares think , or tries to get out of the Dark ages boxes of hate,..
will emerge m... headless ,..


Saudi Writer Hamza Kashgari Detained in Malaysia Over Muhammad Tweets,..

Saudi Writer Hamza Kashgari Flees Country After Controversy on Twitter,..

Saudi Sheikh weeping as he demands that Saudi Columnist Hamza Kashgari gets executed..

 Reaction ,..

n Morocco and Saudi Arabia, Limits Seen to Speech on Social Media,..

 Search; Photos,.. Links,

Final Note:
I wrote this blog after receiving a message from a Facebook contact :

What's your view about the 23 years saudi journalist 'Hamze Kashgari' who made contradictary remarks about the prophet Mohammed just few days before holy prophet's birthday ''and i quote i have always loved alot about and i have always hated alot about you but there's still alot about you i dont understand i will not pray for you'' though apologised but which many mulisms around the globe especially the saudi govt calling for his deportation from indonesia to face the blasphemy law which is death sentence, what's your view Al arabi please be honest???? Inbox me..
First of all, let's start in the clear,..
you don't know me, so what's to hate about me???
my profile is Human rights oriented,..
you could have waited before asking to be added until you knew me better.
if you read my profile and what I wrote about myself
you would understand that I believe there's no one above scrutiny ,.. otherwise they are false gods,..
the righteous will be afraid of no challenge whatsoever
I do NOT know what the subject in question is , or what he said, but just yesterday I made it clear to many pages on facebook that no one should be killed for speaking something,..
got something against the guy, hear him out,..
failing to do so will prove you weak, illogical and a tyrant,.. p

It seems that the Tyrants of Saudi Arabia only believe in Dialogue when the subject concerned is a master American or European,..
but never from where they rule,..

and let's not forget about USA, because the USA have the death penalty active, they said nothing , neither to the Saudi Oil Barrels, nor to the puppet regime of Malaysia,..

so tell me know,.. what did he say, and do you speak Arabic and heard him say it or were you the recipient on someone's Keyboard receiving end who conveyed to you what they want you to know,..
please tell me in details, what he said, and what you think of what he said ,..

Well, we mustn't be personally related for we to derived/share knowledge like we all all know today the world is a global village, I really love your comprehensive likewise your intelligence how i wish there could be millions of your type around the globe the world will be more friendly for all, thanks for your time and the enlightenment also, enjoy the day..

and to Mary, I dedicate this Blog,..

Anonymous appeal for his life,
The Case of Hamza Kashgari,
please read it ,..

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