Saturday, September 29, 2012

Three Killed in Saudi Arabia , amongst them is a HW Activist

Mohamad Habib al-Manasef, 16, above photo
Killed as the official statement said " while the forces was trying to arrest him and Human Rights Activist and Journalist , Khalid AlAbbad " the two open fired and the armed forces responded " ..
The picture above challenges the official statement clearly , This is an execution style, bullets holes targeted the jugular veins and upper body,.. Body position says he was shot even unaware that he had been targeted, notice the position of the arms, blood spatter , position on the car seat and shock on the face ,.. he was killed instantly

Activist, Khalid Allabad , photo above
photo also show targeting of absolutely the killing spot of his hear chest, and lungs ,.. "Guarantee shhot to kill " he's always been wanted by the Saudi Forces in a list they call " the list of the 23 ",

Above video is the home of activist Labbad living in the richest country in the world, and authorities dare say that he was a terrorist, seems the the world " terrorist" is the ideal mean to get rid of opposition, Saudi authority often use, also, a "drug dealer " label against activists, for drug dealin is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia where courts, judges, and every official is appointed by the King .

more Video links, The Saudi authority is known to enlist it's religious establishment students, Lobbies, Mosques to report such videos and take them off air .

Above,Another Teenager, 16, Hassan AlZuhairi was also shot, same style, same "shoot to kill method"
and in Bahrain where the Saudi Forces are stationed backing up the regime to quil the Revolution, same killing, same methods results today in the Death of 17 year old "Hussain Nemah "

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