Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Rule's is The TRUTH


Knowledge is power, and we do know, You don't
We won't sell the jewel of Peace Cheap:
It is of no importance at all the manipulative misinformation that are fed to the US, Europeans on Human Rights campaigns against tyranny their government support ,
while the people are being abused, forced to live and hail autocracies or face charges of treason and reversion .. , reality of the situation people in as a result of the Hypocrisy of the USA and Europe is the decisive factor .. what people think, how they live and how they see things is what's important ,
for the bases, energy, Israel, Strategic passageways, are not in Europe or America, and those who can influence its safety are the people of the region, not kings, regimes, military, those are never permanent , natives and people are ..
They know what's going on
we know who's behind those killings ,
European and American people can continue live the dream, it's just that
but we are those who will wake them up to the reality of things.
Peace is the jewel we have, and we won't sell it cheap
Peace worth Freedom and democracy, and the fall of tyrants/dictators and those who dictate on them .

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