Monday, November 28, 2011

Syria-X-Yeman, Syria-X-Bahrain Fall of the Titans

First thing I noticed when writing this blog is the huge media coverage of the USA and Israel of the Shameful sanctions imposing on Syria , also came to mind the Saudi Peace initiative , that came to safe Israel after their defeat in Lebanon in 2006 ,first was initialized in 2002, then just to make Israel look good they revived it, launched it and could not get Israel to fall in love with it .. in both cases the Arabs came to rescue Israel ,..

        Let's first look at some references, Syria as opposed to Yeman :
More civilians death by Salih, less military deaths than the Syrians, almost 1000 , pic above is the latest air men,.. which make arguing  for some super intelligence power, or enemy behind it, also is more like that the killing of the son of the Grand Mufti of Syria, the Assassinations of professors, high ranking military and political figures,.. none of  those were to be found in Yemen ,..

        Yet Saudi Arabia was all behind Salih , and the same people who stood against Syria were backing Salih, each and everyone of them,, .. about 20-30000 Yemenis killed, but that didn't even make Saudi Arabia, and the Arab League flinch ,... WHY??? What is so different in Yeman ??

       two things :
                       They can use Yemen as a sectarian war base,( but they cannot do this in secular Syria, where people are free to practice their faith protected by law )  hence , they have lost the war against Huthis; and even though this sect is not a minority in Yemen and are of the same sect of Salih, they can be in power and social life of Yemen as long as Salih exist and prevent a connection between the different opposition groups from both the South and the North.

         The second most important difference is , Israel,.. Syria is the Shield against Israel, and after both wars on Lebanon and Gaza, the USA and Israel  Knew that their existence and winning the forth coming war comes on Syria's well being ,.. so Syria must be weakened to the point that people go hungry, the country cannot spend more money on arming the resistance groups,.. and Iraq, should not be allowed to have a safe passage to Syria to connected with the other super power supporting the resistance ,..

          Another example that continues to Shadow the Arab League's claim of protecting the citizens, is Bahrain, and as long as Bahrain is defying human rights the Arab League will not win this war for Israel,..
              In Bahrain, a prime minster in power for 40 years, how could Bahrain claim democracy in this case, about 27 islands, only a handful is accessible by Bahrainis, the rest is royal property ,..
and of course Syria is not Bahrain because the same situation in Bahrain is present in the Persian Gulf states,.. Demonstrations is prohibited by law, and considered a religious Taboo by the Saudis,.. just Yesterday UAE has sentenced a number of activists to 5 years, Saudi Arabia sentenced tens to 30 years,.. Killed with direct sniper shots to the head 4 activists, Both are in Bahrain supporting the Regime against the public Demands and democracy seekers, killing protesters along side the Bahrini army ,..
In a nutshell , These Sanctions against Syria are , plain and simple , Military and economical aid to Israel 

بإختصار : دائما ماوجدنا الجامعة العربية في مواقف لايمكن الشك فيها تنهض وتنتفض لتفك غسرائيل من ضغوطات وعزلة إقتصادية وعسكرية , رأينا هذا في إعادة إحياء المبادرة العربية بعد هزيمة إسرائيل في لبنان , واستعدادها لحرب غزة , رأيناها في هذا الوضع فيكل مرة يكون هناك نظام عربي يفضح سياساتهم الملكية ضد شعوبهم , مع ناصر , ومع الثورة في إيران حيث كانوا قبلها يستأذنون الشاه في الاستحمام الصباحي , رأيناهم وصدام يهينهم , ورأيناهم الآن في سوريا وهم يمدون يد العون لإسرائيل حتى تقطع صلة العراق بسوريا وامتدادهما إيران , في سلسلة تؤدي إلى تحرير فلسطين , ومنع الإمدادات للمقاومة , والدليل كثافة هذا الهجوم على هذا المحور في كل هذا الوقت , وتجاهل القتلى في البحرين واليمن , وفعل كل مايلزم لإنقاذ صالح وتغطية , بل تشريع القتل في البحرين والسعودية , رأيناهم كيف سارعوا إلى إنقاذ مبارك وإيواء بن علي , أما القذافي فكانت غلطته أنه حاول قتل الملك السعودي والا كان الآن يضحك معهم في جدة والمنامة وغيرها ... رأينا الجامعة العربية دائما في قرارات مشبوهة ..... فقط هذه المرة نراهم فعلا تحت أقدام الصهاينة,   

                       جامعة الدول العربية كمن صغر صورة الملايين الذين أيدوا رئيسهم وإصلاحاته كمن يغطي عينه ليظن أن الشمس غائبة , جموع لو اجتمع جميع القادة في الجامعة العربية لما وجدوا ربع هذا التأييد من شعوبهم , وصل الغباء بهم أن يظنوا أنهم يتخذون خطوة كهذه الخطوة تعارض حتى ميثاق الجامعة , كما بالضبط تعالاض قوانين مجلس التهاون تدخل قوات ضد شعوبها , لكنهم حتى وهم يناقضون أنفسهم في فيديو أمير الكويت وهو يوضح هذا الأمر , يناقضون انفسهم ضد قوانين الجامعة
The Arab League has only pixilated the scene (PIC), but they can never dare deny the millions who support their president and the reforms he promised that people believe and support, which when completed will show the Arabs, the real slaves to Israel and allies ,..

وآخـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــر الكلام
and .... the Final word

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  1. This is such an inspiration, thank you for this useful blog, and awareness which you have shown. Love from Sara - Syria.