Thursday, February 16, 2012

The most unsolvable equation in the world

Arabs are logical, if you are not logical , you are not Arab ,..
but of course that deosn't mean you have to be an Arab to be logical,.. you have to be Human though
The pic above shows how Arabs identified the figures and added the "0" which made it easy to do math,..
each figure have a number of angle/angles corresponding to it's value,.. the "1" got one angle, the "8" got eight angles,.. and so on , and so forth,.. the "Zero ", "0",.. got zero angles,..


we are all set now, and ready for the following, let's try and rationalize this,..

-If AlQaeda is a terrorist Organization
If AlQaeda attacked the people of the USA and murdered thousands
If the USA have them on their terrorist watch/list
If Saudi Arabia is hunting them down

-Saudi Arabia hatched AlQaeda, the USA trained them,.. see here,..
-Saudi Arabia is the leading Muslim country and Identify Israel as an enemy occupier of Palestine

-Israel is ( you would think ) is an ally to the USA,..
How could the USA have to allies who are enemies to each other??
and how is it that AlQaeda is becoming an ally to the USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel,
and all are united against Syria???

and if Alqaeda is a terrorist organization, wouldn't that make their enemy an ally to justice??
and their allies be known terrorists to???

the question is :

could you add " Alqaeda + the USA + Saudi Arabia + Qatar + Israel  "
and actually have peace in Syria???

I am confused ,.. so who is who???
O, I forgot,.. The Bahraini Regime too is with the pack,..
with 70% of the people want him down,..
and with 70% of the Syrians want Assad down,.. why the standards here no longer apply??
or maybe things just don't look the way they do??
Why arm Syrian oppositions, and not support the peaceful people of Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain get their basic human rights,..

Syria got a constitution, now a new one will be voted on on march,..
Saudi Arabia got none,...

any ways,... I don't know bout you,..

but me???????

If I don't know who's right and who's wrong,...

I will vote out the party where I see the devil standing amongst them ,..
If I cannot determine the righteous party, I will stand against the party of Satan,..
That party who killed and will kill and is a terrorist organization..

Unless ofcourse , you are a Satanist, or a Devil worshiper,..

But I need to hear it loud and clear ,..

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