Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It is all Done by The USA, Tyrants are merely Tools

Media manipulation: a demonstrator killed by the joint forces of hate is portrayed as being killed by protesters,..
Deaths by Unknown poisonous gases is rising in Bahrain
It is beyond accidental now ,
 it is murder by the suppliers; USA/UK/Israel,
by those who use it; Saudi Arabia/Bahrain , on people,..
they fire the canisters directly on sensitive parts of the body,..
 directly into homes,
and inside sleeping quarters where infants , elderly seek refuge
and as clearly as it sounds and a mile more,..
The USA is totally and solely responsible for every death, injury, rape, kidnapping, human rights abuse , and every crime committed in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Children as young as (6 days) , elders as old as 80+ are killed/ jailed in Bahrain, ..
and they will pay,..
people of the region had enough,
we will remember those who not only supplied the killers with every killing machine
used , but provided them with political, media, and military support

The USA has lost it, no doubt about that, both morally and politically
as for their military loss, it is evident in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and everywhere,..
Mentally challenged man, Beaten to death ,..

The question now is, for how long will they keep on supporting the killer regimes
in The Persian Gulf Kingdoms of Darkness,..

Every day, Every Hour, Every second , a pain, a tear, a sigh, a hope lost in the Region and blood shed by the closest of allies to Uncle Sam,..

and silence is at best , is the reaction the USA exerts ,..

They either know about everything going on in there,..
Why wouldn't they ??

or know nothing about the countries that host some of their naval/army commands
Photo: No one is safe, not even the mentally challenged, or those with special needs, they are raped, killed, and even worse,..

Either way, we are certain of one thing,..
These weapons used, are supplied by them ,..
Their Media is on total radio silence,.
and they keep reminding everybody that the well being of the Zionist state
is equally important, to say the least, to the USA,..
and that they will do anything to assure the security of the killer rapist entity
of Palestine,..
and that they will keep supporting killer regimes so long they acknowledge this,..
and cause every trouble imagined for those who will not bow to their will,..
countries, that have constitution, respect women,. religions, humanity
but stand firm for the right of Palestinians, and support the people of the region
How long can the USA really hold it's stand against humanity??
Not very long,..
They are hit everywhere,..
They are weak, scared, confused, injured, and more fierce
just like when a beast is before being brought down and gasp for the last breath of Air,..

MehrNews; 7 Languages,..

Very Important :
If you, like me; are using WOT, just ignore the warnings,; Web of Trust , no longer hold the name, the way they rate the sites is clouded by their political stand,.. The sites I post on this blog are totally safe, and only political sites that I found WOT warns about are those uncovering pains inflected upon our people ,..

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