Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saudi Arabia, Massacre of the Revolutionary Avenue

an hour ago: Saudi Arabia
14 Reported serious injuries due to sniper gun fires by the Saudi police,.. including a child,.. in Saudi Arabia
3 at least could have sustained critical wounds

The Saudi police, clearly is aiming to kill
Last knight the King of Bahrain visited Saudi Arabia,
... and both have threatened protesters ,..
updates ,.. will follow, or get them from Gulf Center for Human rights
or any of the Saudi Human rights groups,
21 year old, Munir Maydani has died of sniper inflicted gun wounds
the 7th martyr since September

more, here,.. Updates WILL follow,..

USA is killing Saudis by the Hands of ..???

It is all Done by The USA, Tyrants are merely Tools


Saudis'-Bahraini Believe of Deceit and Lies

I don't see them as Humans ..

Again; Human rights struggle is a " Foreign Agenda "

about 9 hours later ,..

Fri, feb.4th, 2012 @ 0400 GMT

Total casualties 30
1 death; reported above
3 Critical injuries taken to the Military Hospital,.. usually for some sinister goal,
Names: Yousuf Gamgam "Joseph" , Bsheer Al Darweesh, Ragib al Gabaa

Extremely Emotional, cautious advised :

Munir Maydani's final moments,..
Shot in the Back , ' so much for the statement from the officials ", how was that even possible, shooting an attacker in the BACK???!!!!!!!
Ahmad Abu Deeb, not one of those taken to the  Military Hospital, an Indication on the severity of those taken to the MH,..
The moment the Military entered " revolution Avenue "
Military Snipers; positioned to kill " in The backs "
Face injury ,.., and the Massacre of the Revolution Avenue,
Please NOTE the Following:
Usually students of military/religious institutes, some govermental entities require their people to swarm Video sites and report all such videos, most of the time they succeed in removing such videos, I will post links to more alternative videos below, but even that may not work,.. so please
report any broken links , and I will try to replace them ,..
Video Links:
مجزرة شارع الثورة - القطيف 9 فبراير 2012م...
مصاب برصاصة في وجهه - القطيف 9 فبراير 2012م, ..

قناصة آل سعود - القطيف 9 فبراير 2012م..

إقتحام شارع الثورة - القطيف 9 فبراير 2012م,....
إصابة الشاب أحمد أبو ديب - القطيف 9 فبراير 2012م ... +18 ,.....
الشهيد منير الميداني - القطيف 9 فبراير 2012م ... +18 , ......
a prove on what I mentioned earlier, that the Saudi Government flood video sites to block such videos,.. This video was deleted by YouTube, and was reloaded just a minute earlier,.. Great Job guys, no Way these tyrants and the white house that backs them up, will win over Humanity ,..

another Example; This video was uploaded a second time just 15SEC. ago,.. not minutes,... Seconds ,..
More Videos on Saudi Revolution,..

More on The after math of the Massacre ,... More Videos, cover almost all of the above fore-mentioned ,..

Update: Photo up: Zuhair Al Said 21, gun shot wound into the liver, The saudi police uses explosive ammo and aims at fatal organs ,..
Time: today: 1600 GMT, Fri.Feb 4th 2012

Video of his last moments,..

More links for the video, incase they deleted it, like I mentioned above,..
3 more serious injuries reported,.. not yet able to confirm severity, Snipers have been targeting protesters, Video below,..
More videos:,..
moment of Martyrdom; two first videos,..

Sat, Feb.11/2012 @ 1200 Gmt
You can see Video above: that the Regime keeps on removing Videos, I'll try my best to update these, or get fresh links from where ever I could ,..
2 Critical conditions; ICU ,..
Ragheb Al Baghah, & Yousuf Gumgham
 Total Casualties since it started about 35,..

Demonstrations are on going now,..

Mon. Feb, 13/2012 ,..
A serious chest injury,..

Saudi forces still will not surrender the bodies of two dead demonstrators killed ,..
It was expected to be delivered today to their families, as until now, I recieved no conformation regarding this ,..

More Videos, ...

Saudi police 'open fire on civilians' as protests gain momentum

Insecure Saudis crack down on freedom protest

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